Chongqing Renewable Resources Group Co., Ltd.


Company Profile

Chongqing Renewable Resources Group Co., Ltd is a state-owned group company, directly under Chongqing Supply and Marketing Cooperative General Agency, which is also the pioneer enterprise of recycling economy and renewable resources recovery system construction. And it’s predecessor is Chongqing Materials Recycling Company founded in 1956.
Chongqing Renewable Resources Group Co., Ltd was established in January 2009 after reconstruction with a registered capital of 172 million yuan. It handles a large range of business in the recycling area, including recycling of scrap metal, electrical waste, paper waste, scrap vehicle, import of aluminum scrap, aluminum products processing, export of aluminum products, pawn, real estate, etc. The group company can recycle 500 thousand tons of renewable resources and over 100 thousand scrap vehicle.

The group has more than 200 Administrative personnel and about 12,000 employees. The major management teams are professionals with bachelor degree and above. The group headquarter has five departments including administrative and human resource department, financial department, international business department, waste household appliance department and project department. There are many subsidiary companies under group such as the Chongqing Lvwang Aluminum Co., Ltd, Chongqing Wuhua Renewable Resources Co.,Ltd, Chongqing renewable investment and development Co.Ltd , Chongqing Xinyi pawn Co.,Ltd., Chongqing zhicheng environment and sevice Co.,Ltd and so on. Moreover, we have close business relationships with ten large-scale renewable enterprises and 30 township renewable enterprise which enjoy a high reputation in the area of renewable resources.

We already have a sound recycling network covering all over Chongqing including 2269 standard community recycle sites, 100 aluminum scrap recycle sites, 60 agriculture renewable resources recycle sites, districts sorting centers, 40 transfer stations, 40 scrap vehicles disposal sites, 2 aluminum scrap utilization centers. Furthermore, our sale networks of aluminum products cover the whole country and the products are exported to developed areas such as Europe and America.

Now our new large-scale renewable resource industry park is under construction. The project locates in Chongqing Shuangqiao economic and technology development zone with an investment of 5 billion yuan ,covering an area of 1235 acres. The project is about to import the renewable resource such as waste motor , non-ferrous scrap and so on through “Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe” international railway. Meanwhile, it will avail recycling of domestic waste electronic equipment ,waste vehicle, non-ferrous scrap to make environmental processing and production, providing the industry raw materials to the non-ferrous enterprise .After the project is completed, it can handle over 1.1 million tons renewable resources per year, promoting peripheral industry more than 50 billion yuan and providing over 10 thousand job offer.

In future, we will set up our sound renewable resource system containing recycling, sorting, processing, deep processing, logistic and sales, covering many kinds of renewable resources. Finally, we will achieve the goal of industrialization, specialization, informatization, scale expansion , internationalization based leap frog development.

We abide by the principles of honest, customer primacy and social benefit supremacy. Through honest, strict and scientific management, the group will reciprocate the society with successful business.